Frequently Asked Questions


How does your service help me succeed?

High performers are already driven and self-directed.  You already invest in self-development so you can improve.  But blind-spots affect us all and distractions are dangerously endless.  As your coach, I help you remove blind-folds, get focused and generate momentum by leveraging the specific habits and skills scientifically proven to accelerate performance in every domain of career and life.  Try it and see for yourself.

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What if I need something different?

The coaching method  I use will help you create your own momentum toward your own dreams.  Some of my clients also want me to consult or mentor them.  I offer signature programs combining high-performance coaching with business and marketing consulting, career-development & transition, life-style design, and missional entrepreneurship.  Or let me create a custom program to meet your needs.

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Can you work with more than one person?

High-performance is an individual pursuit but always involves others in our life.  That might be our spouse, family, partners, team or collaborators.   I offer programs that can help couples develop themselves individually and together, enable leaders to work with teams, or provide group training or coaching.  What do you need? 

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